Fire break's


There are different types of fire breaks that we build

  • Disking - Disking is the best way to remove small brush and grasses.

  • Field and Brush Mowing - fastest and cheapest way to comply with county regulations for defensible space (Great with perimeter disking)

  • Bulldozed Fire Breaks - Quickest way to remove big vegetation, causes erosion and over compaction of looser soils

  • Chemically Sprayed Fire Breaks - Great for weed control. Not recommended around creeks, waterways and other sensitive areas

Zone 1.   For the first 10 feet vegetation should only be low, green and away from decks and windows.

Zone 2.    Minimize brush and shrubs for the next 20 feet away from your house, keep grasses low and remove dead branchs.

Zone 3.  For the next 70 feet, continous fuel beds should be removed or minumized. Tall grasses should be mowed or disked. If you live on a slope, this area should be double. Roads should be vegetation free for 10 feet on each side of access road.

 Defensible Space

With record low rain fall, brush and grasses are drier than normal giving California fire conditions not usually seen until at least august. It is important now more than ever to provide your home and properties with defensible space. It will keep your neighborhood, family, and belongings safe.


It is required by law.


By removing dead vegetation and mowing grasses you can save your home from a forest fire or costly cal fire inspection.

house saved by following defensible  space guidelines